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Fill out the simple form below which contains required information about you, the ABAB Registered Business and the nature of your complaint. We'll take the complaint on record can update the same to the respective business.

If you have a dispute with a business and need help, let us resolve it for you. Submit your complaint today to help yourself and help the public.

You'll be kept in the loop the whole time? Did we mention this service is FREE ? Let's get started! ALWAYS REMEMBER we accept complaints ONLY against ABAB Registered Businesses. If you wish to register the complaint against that business that is NOT registered with ABAB please to contact corresponding Business Entity Directly.

If the business, against which you wish to register the complaint claims to be ABAB Registered Business please quote for the ABAB Registration Number for our reference.
If you feel that the particular business is not ABAB Registered Business and still claims for registration, please do let us know at earliest do that proper legal action could be taken against such business entities.

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