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We, the AUTHENTIC BUSINESS ASSESSMENT BUREAU, own the trademarks for our short name, "ABAB".

We also own the trademarks for the ABAB logos and certification mark:

ABAB Logo Mark ABAB Certified Business Mark

ABAB marks such as AUTHENTIC BUSINESS ASSESSMENT BUREAU, ABAB, the ABAB Logo, the “ABAB Certified Business” and the “ABAB Registered Business”, are the service marks deemed to be owned by AUTHENTIC BUSINESS ASSESSMENT BUREAU, INDIA.

These marks may be used, with certain restrictions, only by ABAB Affiliates and eligible businesses registered with ABAB.

Businesses interested in registration and certifications and the accompanying use of our seals should contact ABAB for information and certification guidelines.

Any use of these marks by others must be with the written permission of ABAB. It is AABAB policy to take action against all unauthorized use of its marks.

What happens when a business misuse an ABAB trademark?

In most instances, when we advise a business that it is misusing or infringing our trademarks, the business readily complies with our request to modify its advertising or website. From time to time, however, ABAB has had to file claims to suspend their website or worst-case scenario, sue infringers. We also try to advise the public about companies that continue, without authorization, to use our marks by putting up an alert on our websites or any other similar publication online or offline.


Don't register "ABAB" as, or in, your domain name, website, or company name, e.g. OR

Don't use "ABAB" as, or in, your product or service name.

Don't say that you, your products or your services are endorsed, approved or certified by ABAB. (REMEMBER, ABAB doesn't perform product or service certifications. ABAB is into business certification, assessment and registrations.)